Lavender Planted Baskets


Beautiful planted wicker baskets with 2 lavender plants, suitable for indoor or outdoor positioning


Lavender Farm
Full description

These pretty little baskets are planted up with 2 healthy Angustifolia Folgate Plants. These will flower in June and create a lovely outdoor or indoor display.

The baskets are Approx 22 cm wide x 15 cms across x 10 cms deep they have a plastic inner lining so keep dirt and moisture in.

They would make a lovely present at any time of the year, and the plants could be planted outside to continue their growing life in the future!

Care instructions: do NOT over water, lavender do not like too much water ! if placing outside , pierce the inner plastic liner to allow water to drain out and to ensure the plants are not sitting in water. Once flowered,  cut all flower spikes off and please cut down about 1/3 into the new growth, this keeps them neat and tidy and not get too woody.

Do place in a light space they like sun , warmth and not too rich soil.