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Christmas is coming!!

Please do visit our on line shop or the Lavender Cafe to see our beautiful luxurious products, that are perfect for Christmas presents big and small!

Warwickshire Lavender Farm collection

Autumn is here and the Cafe is open

We are really enjoying meeting new and regular visitors to our little Lavender Cafe! It is open every Friday and Saturday between 10 am and 2pm , we serve a delicious selection of cakes to accompany our wonderful coffees and teas. All our cakes are gluten free or vegan , they are so tasty and everyone can enjoy them!!


We cannot thank you all enough for visiting our farm, for the incredible feedback , beautiful photographs, fun, joy and laughter you have bought to our field and cafe, the days just sped by! Our visitors ages ranged from 2 weeks old to 104 years old , so what a privilege it has been for us to meet so many wonderful people, from all over the globe too.

Wow ! what a first week….

We have been blown away by the support, friendship and love shown to us this week! we have had wonderful enthusiastic visitors ,  of all ages and nationalities, from as far afield as  from Singapore on holiday, Moldavia, Poland, Thailand, China, Japan and obviously people from closer to home, it has simply been wonderful !

We are opening June 16th 2022

Come and visit our beautiful lavender field and cafe, take a wander around the field, bring a picnic and  enjoy the sights and sounds ( and smell!) of the gorgeous lavenders as they come into bloom and await being harvested. The Angustifolia Folgate and Maillette is starting to come out now and getting better by the day (we could do with some more warmer weather) and this is followed by the Lavendin Grosso that comes into its best in July.


Luxury Peppermint goat's milk shampoo bar

Environmentally Friendly!

Here at The Warwickshire Lavender Farm  we are always looking at how we can be more environmentally friendly with our products , as we are all very aware how precious our world is, and want to look after it as much as possible, so here are a couple of products that we hope you will enjoy to use, knowing you are helping our planet!


Warwickshire Lavender Farm collection

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we have the perfect gifts for your wonderful mothers. She deserves a treat! so what better than a truly luxurious scented candle and diffuser, or some mint tea to make a refreshing cup with our very own mint.

Magnificent! how one happy customer described our diffuser

We are delighted to get some lovely feedback about our products. Thank you to everyone, we are thrilled that they have been so positive and encouraging, as it isn’t much good, if it is just us, that think the products are great!


New Woodland

Happy 2022! we are feeling very excited about the coming years, as we have just finished planting more than 2000 woodland trees and mixed hedging on our beautiful Lavender Farm .

Happy Christmas Shopping!

We are delighted to report our beautiful essential oils have been laboratory analysed, and have come back with the report of being ‘very High Quality’, this is exactly what we wanted (and also expected!) after the amount of love and care the plants have received. We have then gone to a great deal of effort to make sure our manufacturing partners have the same high quality standards.