100% pure Essential oil Lavendin Grosso 30ml


This high-quality oil has been steam distilled on our farm from the beautiful organically grown Lavandula Intermedia Grosso species. This is 100% pure oil, no additives or dilutions.

Lavendin being a hybrid species of Lavandula and spike lavender, is often known as ‘French’ lavender, has the benefits of both lavender species. It has a high camphor content so is ideal to put into an oil burner or on a pillow to keep healthy sinuses and airways clear, so may help with snoring issues!

Directions for use: add a few drops to an oil burner, add a few drops to a tissue or pillow for inhalation, or 6 drops can be added to a bath for a fragrant relaxing bath

Keep away from children and eyes (if it gets into eyes, wash out with plenty of water and seek medical advice if it doesn’t improve)

  • Do NOT take internally or use undiluted on the skin
  • It should NOT be used by pregnant women in the first Trimester
  • Not to be used by individuals with epilepsy

In a study published in Jan 2013 international journal of Agriculture and Biology, showed that Lavandula Intermedia has significant bactericidal effects and antifungal properties


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