Lavender Hydrosol (Flower Water) 100% pure


Lavender Hydrosol is anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal and anti inflammatory!! the natural byproduct of steam distillation of our organically grown lavender flowers, it carries all the benefits of essential oil, but is perfectly safe to use directly on the skin and with pets and babies.  All the compounds are water soluble, it is therefore much gentler than the actual essential oil.

Two sizes available of this wonderful  Lavender Hydrosol / Lavender flower water , 500ml and 100ml,  it has a light, herbaceous aroma, it is different from the essential oil fragrance, as it is slightly more woody / herby.

Do bring your 500ml bottle back for an environmentally friendly REFILL ! just £12.50 ( in person , only)

It has many uses, but certainly a popular one is to help soothe and rejuvenate all skin types, it is especially good for eczema, It helps with redness and uneven skin tone. It is thought to be soothing and cleansing for the mind and body.

It is great for babies, use instead of wet wipes for a totally natural , chemical free cleanser, and soother of nappy rash etc

500ml comes in a beautiful cobalt blue glass bottle with a trigger cap ( If you live close by, bring back your large bottle for a refill for £12.50!!)

100ml comes with a pump spray cap in a recyclable light plastic ( post consumer waste) cobalt blue bottle

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Lavender Farm
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Lavender  Hydrosol ( Flower Water)  is an amazing product as it has antibacterial, anti fungal, anti viral and anti inflammatory properties!! it has a ‘woody’ fragrance , very different from the essential oil fragrance.

It is a very versatile product, one of its main properties is that it is high in antioxidants  and hence giving anti-aging benefits.  Lavender Water acts as a toner, it firms the face, tightens the pores, and therefore may reduce wrinkles! ( worth spraying on a cotton wool ball 2 x a day and wiping your face!)

The Greeks used Lavender to clean burns, injuries, and wounds in ancient time, Lavender possesses antiseptic properties that aid in a faster skin healing process ,and at the same time prevent the onset of any infection. Through collagen formation, tissue remodelling, and wound contraction, Lavender Water helps the skin heal exceptionally fast, It also detoxifies the skin and purges harmful toxins, hence it is excellent for Acne, rashes etc,  as it is distilled water it is extremely gentle and safe to use daily and on pets and babies.

It is a perfect solution for cooling and soothing irritated skin (especially in case of bug bites) and can help the healing process of your skin after minor cuts or burns. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties,  it is great for reducing redness.
Also, its natural (almost woody) scent is undoubtedly extremely relaxing which is why it is great to apply it to your sheets before going to bed.

It is known to be excellent for a mosquito repellant, and also soothing for insect bites and stings

Some other ways you can use hydrosols around the house on a daily basis:

• Home-made cleaning spray: Use this hydrosol as the base of your home-made cleaners in order to avoid oily stains, but still leave behind a lovely scent. Spray hydrosol on your duster or on a cloth before wiping the surface and enjoy the gentle smell for hours! The use of hydrosol around pets and young children is perfectly safe, so you can use it to clean all kinds of surfaces, especially useful for glass as it leaves NO streaks!

• Room fresheners: Just spray it in the air around the house and enjoy its benefits. You can repeat this several times during the day, as you really cannot overuse hydrosols.

• Baths and showers: Add a spoonful of hydrosol to your bath to enjoy a relaxing, aromatic experience. As this floral water is water soluble, it can be easily added to any bath. You can also use hydrosol as a spray in the shower: A few pumps on your body or in the air and you can easily turn your daily shower routine into a relaxing experience.

• Cooling sprays for summer days: a personalized mist for hot summer days. Take it with you everywhere ( especially the 100ml bottle)– to work, to the beach, to festivals, and enjoy its cooling effect any time throughout the day or to spray on a bug bite! You can use it as often as you like, and it is super easy to refill the large bottle any time!

Bottle Sizes:

The 500 ml bottle is a beautiful cobalt blue glass, our logo is embossed on the side and it comes complete  with a trigger spray top, it can be refilled for £12.50 if you live locally and bring it back!

The 100ml bottle is small and light enough to be popped into a bag. It is made from recycled PET and is fully recyclable, it comes with a spray top. It could be refilled from the large bottle! so is very eco friendly.

  • 100% NATURAL  –Premium quality Organically grown Lavender Hydrosol Water. Cruelty-free, Vegan, GMO-free.
  • NATURAL TONER –Lavender water helps to soothe and restore the skin, it is a great addition to any skincare routine for use after cleansing to help tone & soothe the skin.
  • SOOTHING & REJUVENATING – Helps to calm and soothe fragile and sensitive skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially mature skin.
  • AROMATHERAPY –Lavender is prized for helping to soothe and relax both the body and mind.

Directions for use:  Spray onto a  cotton wool pad and cleanse face twice a day, or spritz on face whenever required for a quick refresh.

Spray on wounds/ stings / bites / irritated skin as necessary

Spray on a pillow at night to aid a good night’s sleep.

Spray on a cloth for cleaning surfaces around the house, or spray directly on windows and wipe off using a dry cloth, for a no streak finish!

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