Relax! Bath Salts


Relax! Bath Salts , made with the mineral rich Dead Sea Salt and our very own Lavendin Essential Oil, a brilliant way to have a relaxing , soothing bath soak


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Relax! Bath Salts

The most wonderful Dead Sea salt and our very own relaxing Lavender Essential Oil combine to create this gorgeous soothing bath soak,  an essential for any bathroom.

Dead Sea Salt is mineral rich and has been reported to aid hydration and circulation in the skin.  There is no better way to relax than in a warm bath , with a relaxing lavender aroma as they contain our essential oil, and at the same time detoxify your skin, as you allow your mind to rest and unwind.

Add a handful to a warm bath, wait a few minutes for them to dissolve and step in , lie back and relax!

Ingredients : sodium chloride, Lavendin Essential oil : contains Limonene , Linalool



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